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TransitFleet is awesome .Since we started it makes my job a lot easier. I have been through triennials and what used to take days or weeks to compile the data needed now is a matter of a few clicks. When they came to me last minute and needed info on another bus I came back in 10 minutes-I think it shocked them. I use TransitFleet for research when I look for history for procurement-I can go in and pull just the data I need .Our monthly reports are so much easier also and gives the Authority just the info they need .And the support we receive is above and beyond any other program we use." Ed Ewell, Maintenance Manager, Denton County Transportation Authority, Denton TX
"My experience with Transit Fleet has surpassed all expectations. The level of involvement, cooperation, concern and training has far exceeded my experience with previous software providers. Transit Fleet is easy to use and intuitive to a degree I’ve never experienced before."- Mike Durham, Inventory Control Supervisor, Kitsap Transit, Bremerton WA

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TransitFleet is designed to fit the needs and budgets of small and medium size transit systems, providing:

  • Quick access to the information you need most often
  • Easy implementation with no dedicated IT necessary
  • Reliablity, cost-effectiveness, and features that fit small to medium size systems and budgets.
  • Works the way a transit system works
  • Now available with paperless shop floor, mobile inventory, and work request modules

Recent News:

Streamline your shop with TransitFleet Mobile Inventory and Paperless Shop Floor

The TransitFleet Mobile Inventory Module gives storeroom personnel the ability to issue parts on work orders, process receivings, and enter physical inventory counts using mobile computers as workstations. The TransitFleet Paperless Shop Module eliminates paper work orders by allowing mechanics to do everything normally recorded on work order forms directly on a workstation or laptop on the shop floor

TransitFleet Facilities software package now available

The TransitFleet Facilities software package is now available for transit systems with dedicated facilities maintenance staff. Use TransitFleet Facilities to manage scheduled maintenance for equipment, buildings, transit facilities, park and ride lots, etc, field work requests for facilities maintenance, and manage materials used for facilities maintenance.

TransitFleet product line

TransitFleet - Fleet maintenance, inventory, purchasing software for transit

  • Shop Floor - paperless real time mechanic work order data entry
  • Mobile Inventory - paperless real time inventory issues, physical inventory on mobile computers
  • Operator reported defects / Work requests - paperless fleet work request data entry
  • Automated fueling interfaces
  • Financial system interfaces

TransitFleet Facilities - Facilities maintenance software for transit

  • Facilities Field Access - web based paperless real time work order data entry on tablets
  • Facilities Work Requests - paperless facilities work request data entry