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StarTran Software provides software designed and developed exclusively for the transit industry. Its signature product is TransitFleet®, a fleet maintenance, inventory, and purchasing software package intended explicitly for small and medium sized transit systems. As of December 2009 there were twelve TransitFleet installations in production use. StarTran Software also provides a fixed assets software product to inventory and depreciate a transit system's fixed assets.

StarTran Software was established in 2004. The company is registered as a limited liability company (LLC) in Massachusetts and is based in Dedham MA in the Boston area. StarTran Software's principal is Howard Ostroff, who, as a senior transportation analyst for Multisystems, designed and developed FLEET*MATE, a fleet maintenance and inventory product first installed in 1986 and still in use over twenty years later. Mr. Ostroff's experience with design, development, installation, and training on FLEET*MATE and working directly with users enabled him to design and develop TransitFleet as a product that met functional requirements of transit system users, was easy for users to learn and use, was easy to deploy and maintain, and was affordable.

StarTran Software is developing TransitFleet in three phases. In the first phase of implementation, which has been completed; TransitFleet is a fully functional fleet maintenance, inventory, and purchasing software package. It has the full functional capability of FLEET*MATE implemented in a graphical user interface and database environment, providing ready access to information for display or reporting. In the second phase, new functional transit capabilities are being added (operator defect reporting and a road call module). In the third phase, automated features will be added (automated parts reordering and maintenance work scheduling).

It is StarTran Software's policy to provide unlimited support to all TransitFleet users who are covered by a software maintenance agreement. Support is provided by phone and remote access to a user's database as necessary. Maintenance agreements can include site visits for training and/or support with no additional labor or expense charges. Software support is provided directly by the developer so users have direct contact with the person who can answer a question or fix a problem. All users covered by a software maintenance agreement receive all software updates and bug fixes to the standard product at no charge.

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TransitFleet is designed for the way small and medium size transit systems work.

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