About TransitFleet

TransitFleet is a fleet maintenance, parts inventory control, and purchasing software package designed and developed exclusively for small and medium sized transit systems. It is the most effective and cost effective fleet maintenance software solution for this market. Data entry, lookup of information, and reporting are all designed for the way transit properties operate and what their specific needs are.

TransitFleet provides the following functions:


  • Vehicle and serialized component inventory
  • Inventory of equipment and fixed facilities
  • Work order entry and tracking
    • work tasks (any number)
    • labor entries by clock on/off or duration (any number)
    • parts issues from inventory or direct purchases from vendors (any number)
    • notes, general for work order and for each work task, unlimited length
    • user specified activity/reason, system, and work/task codes
  • Entry and tracking of outside repair labor, parts, and general charges
    • used for sublet work, towing, rebuilds by vendors
  • Entry, tracking, reporting, and billing of maintenance work for other departments or agencies
  • Scheduling for preventive maintenance
    • distance and/or time based
    • flexible specification with any number of levels
  • Scheduling of non-preventive maintenance work independently from PM's
    • state inspections, deep cleaning, brake jobs, etc
    • any number can be specified
  • Unscheduled maintenance problem entry, scheduling, and reporting
  • Road call entry, tracking, and reporting
    • automatic generation of work orders for followup work
    • tracking by vehicle, operator, location, mechanic, action taken
  • Operator defect report entry, scheduling, and reporting
    • automatic generation of work orders as needed
    • tracking by vehicle, operator, problem reported
  • Warranty tracking on vehicles and components
    • display of all warranties applicable to vehicle or installed components
    • tracking and billing of warranty work
  • Fuel and mileage entry, tracking, and reporting
    • fuel sheet data entry for daily fuel and mileage
    • individual vehicle entry for exceptions and off site fueling
    • interfaces with automated fueling systems in use at transit properties
  • Maintenance cost tracking and reporting
  • Performance analysis


  • Inventory of stock items
    • item number, description, notes (any length), location
    • group classifications for lookups, reordering, valuation, and physical inventory
    • reorder point for reorder reporting and alert reorder point for immediate notification
    • maximum and minimum quantities for usage analysis
    • can have different units of measure for ordering/receiving and issue
    • can have any number of vendors for an item
    • FIFO, LIFO, or average cost costing
  • Work order entries
  • issue and costing on work order entry
  • can return to stock from work order
  • direct purchases of inventory items from vendor on work order
  • Receivings and adjustments
    • item increment on purchase order receiving
    • item increment on non-PO receiving
    • tracking of all quantity and cost adjustments
  • Physical inventory
  • automatic reconciliation on count entry
  • reconciliation reporting


  • Purchase order entry, tracking, and reporting
    • purchasing for maintenance and non-maintenance purchases
    • PO's can be for inventory stock items, non-stock items, or services
    • can have freight and/or tax, freight and/or tax costs can be allocated to items
    • cost adjustments at any time
  • Receivings
    • can receive all items on a PO or selected items
    • can receive direct purchases from vendor on a work order
    • can return stock to vendor


  • Tire inventory, tracking, and reporting
    • tires can be owned and/or leased
    • tire cost charged to vehicles by lease rates for leased tires
    • tire cost for purchase, recapping, or repair charged to vehicles for owned tires
  • Tire lease reporting
    • tire inventory listing
    • tire movement reporting

As a package explicitly intended for use by transit systems, TransitFleet provides the following capabilities:

  • Operator defect reporting and work order generation
  • Road call tracking and reporting
  • Transit specific scheduling: OEM PM schedules, component PM's, wheelchair lift PM's, state inspections
  • Easy lookup of vehicle histories and last time and frequency of specific tasks; e.g., rear brake reline
  • National Transit Database (NTD) maintenance reporting
  • Vehicle histories and PM histories with intervals for FTA triennial review
  • Transit specific inventory capabilities:
    • cross referencing of parts inventory numbers for OEM's, aftermarket parts suppliers, and UPC codes to house numbers
    • capital item purchases valuation and tracking
    • unit rebuild costing and valuation
    • part number supersessions (full tracking history)
    • core returns
    • kit capability (as kit, kit assembly, kit breakdown)
  • Data entry from a fuel sheet typically used by transit properties, as well as automated fuel interfaces with fueling systems in use at transit properties
  • Meter changeouts for hubometer changes, histories maintained by life-to-date mileages
  • Use of alternative fuels
  • Setup, entry, and tracking for campaigns, recalls, and seasonal work
  • Tire lease reporting
  • Tracking of maintenance work or services by outside vendors such as towing, rebuilds, or body work
  • Billing capability for warranty work, insurance work, or work charged to other departments or agencies

TransitFleet is easy to use. Data entry is intuitive and readily understandable for maintenance supervisors, foremen, mechanics, maintenance administrative personnel, parts counter staff, purchasing clerks, and tire personnel. Detailed and summary information for vehicles and parts is readily available on screen with a few mouse clicks. Supervisors, foremen, and mechanics can easily look up and display a vehicle's complete work order history, PM history, daily fuel and mileage, and parts usage history. Parts personnel can easily look up and display issue history and receiving and adjustment history for any inventory item. Managers can generate their own monthly or annual cost and performance reports.

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TransitFleet is designed for the way small and medium size transit systems work.

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